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BJ – Beroemde Jagers

By april 4, 2012No Comments

Denkelijk ook in België te vinden. Hier alvast een overzicht van de FAFH (Famous American Female Hunters).
In de taal van Shakespeare, omdat het zo leuk klinkt:
Avril Lavigne- Singer

Here’s one out of leftfield- but it’s one for the kids. Avril is a popular twinkie, but your kids might like this skatergirl who grew up in Canada and spent much of her time hunting and fishing, despite her brother’s protestations. “My brother used to be like, ‘You’re a girl. You can’t go hunting or fishing. I’d be like, ‘You’re stupid.’ And we’d get into a huge fight.” Alrighty then!
Madonna- Performer

Okay, she once shot a bunch of pheasants because she was in love with a guy who liked to hunt. We have no clue whether she still hunts, or whether or not she’s even hanging with the guy who used to take her hunting, but she makes the list cause the Material Girl remains somewhat hot and through her rumored mind-control methods might be able to coerce A-Rod into a round of sporting clays.
Eva Longoria-Parker- Desperate Housewives

She’s young, she’s hot and she’s atop P.E.T.A.’s target list- We, therefore, love Eva Longoria-Parker. “I can skin a deer and a pig and a snake- and rabbits.” If there is a more perfect woman, someone please tell us- like, now!
De volledige lijst vind je hier op de site van Outdoor Live, respectievelijk op plaats 10, 13 en 15.
En in de States United hebben de Woman Hunters zelfs een aparte site: www.womenhunters.com

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