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Na onze opleiding van vorig week-end volgt zeker nog een uitvoerig verslag.
Ondertussen reeds deze sfeerbeelden van een Boogjacht.
Voor ons, Vlaamse Jagers, lijkt jagen met pijl en boog een bizarre bezigheid.
Voor de jongeman in deze video is Boogjacht pure ernst.
Engelse commentaar van de site www.outdoorlive.com
This video comes from a French Canadian hunter in Quebec named Real Langlois, better known as the Rackman. The video was posted on YouTube on April 5, 2011 and was titled “World Record Moose,”. The bull scores 249 1/8 inches. You have to give credit to the Rackman for having nerves of steel on this shot.
How close would you let a huge rutting bull moose get?

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  • Stefaan Hublou S. schreef:

    An amazing documentary. It makes clear how thrilling hunting can be, how much skill and patience one needs. It is almost impossible to imagine that our ancestors have lived like this… And the Native Americans, the Indians, did untill only a few generations ago. There is heroism and a deep connection to wildlife in this life style.
    Former professor at the IJO Hunting School of Flanders

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